It’s Official, I’m Getting Married!

Marriage is wonderfulIt’s the last day of March and I am asking myself, “how much have I accomplished this year?” Sadly, I don’t feel like enough but then I have to take a step back and realize that actually I have had a lot of forward movement.  I realize that I have to change the way I see success and as cliche as it sounds, I must enjoy the journey. I have made new connections and contacts, I have began new projects, I have grown as a person and I GOT ENGAGED!!!  Yes, its official I got engaged.  I am thrilled, we are thrilled.

The interesting thing is that my engagement ties into all of this questioning.  We got engaged on an early Saturday morning on a surprise trip to San Francisco and he proposed at the top of Lombard Street better known as the Crooked Street.  It was beautiful, it was perfect!  The funny thing is that I question myself a lot and I am always looking towards the future and not being present in the present.  I take the twists and turns of life harder than I should at times and I beat myself up about not being where I want to be.

So, back to the point of my beautiful and loving engagement; one of the things that he said to me was, “the crooked street is a great example and metaphor for life and relationships because although there will be many twists and turns along the way ultimately it is still beautiful.”  Yes, my fiance is a profound one but more than that as I come upon March 31 I will not question myself for what I have not accomplished or succeeded in yet, but I will enjoy the twists and turns and know that this journey is ongoing and the present is a beautiful place to be.  I guess you get smarter when you get Engaged or maybe love just sets you up to see how special each moment is.

Thanks for reading.  Love, hugs and smiles.

I'm getting married

  1. This is a beautiful testimony & reflection. I wish you both the best & enjoy the journey…It’s only “cliche” if you don’t really do it…lol. Look forward to the twists and turns as new adventures of excitement that you will share together-which is way better than attempting alone. Be blessed today & every day hereafter. Congratulations!

  2. Love the metaphor…deep! Praise God for patience, answered prayer and His incredible grace. Blessings to you both. Love you my Sands.

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