I Have Nothing To Do


This past week was one of those rare occasions where my schedule wasn’t packed with tons of stuff and ripping and running. On Sunday I looked at my calendar and realized that I had only a few things on my calendar for the week. Now, not to say that I am always jam-packed but I usually have a few things here and there to do but not this week. Aside from class I was pretty open. On Monday I went to yoga as I’ve been doing daily and then set out to figure out what I would do next. When I turned on the Netflix to watch a movie that nagging negative actor brain kicked in saying, “you can’t watch a movie in the middle of the day, you better not take a nap. You know you aren’t where you want to be yet and while you’re chilling someone else is working hard on getting where they want to be.”

I listened to that voice for a second as I always do and then I had a new change in thought. I said to myself, “You know Keena its actually ok to do nothing, to just enjoy yourself and just because you chill and relax for a few days doesn’t mean you won’t get your dreams.”

That calmed me and I decided to enjoy having a schedule like this. (Because I know it won’t always be like this) To enjoy the moments of stillness and peace where I can do what I want with no obligation to anything else and not feel guilty because I’m not in these LA streets running around. Constantly I am going and going and I was very happy to actually say, “I have nothing to do today.”

I know LA can allow us to believe that we have to be moving at all times but I also know there is power in knowing you’ve worked hard and that being still and surrendering can bring fruit as well. All those projects I never get to do, the books I want to read, the extra times with friends, the movies I want to watch and the time to just be with myself I could actually do because I had the time; and I did them. It might not sound like much but for me it was a great lesson of acceptance of being present in the moment and not trying to force things to happen. I am allowed to chill and know that my hard work is already working in motion for me because I have put in the time. The lesson for me was surrender, be still and just enjoy! Not to mention I got to see some great movies.:-)

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