For Those Lost

for those lost

I am deeply saddened! I am saddened by all the tragedies that continue to happen around the world. The Malaysian airlines was and still is a mystery and there are families mourning loved ones with no answers. Now, we have the Korean ferry that has hundreds more families mourning with not enough answers as to what happened. These tragedies touch the depths of your heart and there is a hopeless feeling because there is nothing we can do. I watched video of the families of the people lost on the ferry and their faces of grief were more than painful. The agony those families are facing are unbearable and although the world keeps moving forward those families are changed forever. Whenever you’re the one who lost someone it seems as though the world stops. I mean for the person who lost someone his or her world does stop. I remember when I suddenly lost my Aunt Karen. I was devastated. I couldn’t understand how people were still laughing and having fun when this amazing and beautiful person had been taken from the world. I felt that a void had been created on earth because my Aunt was no longer here. Her laughter was gone, her light was put out but still people kept moving and for me I was stuck in time.

I know we know that life is short and that we never know what may come from day to day but do we really honor that? No, I don’t think we do, at least I know I don’t. My mind is filled daily with getting to my goals, having more money, not being satisfied where I am blah blah blah. All those things that seems so trivial when you look into the face of these families who have lost hope and their loved ones who may never be found. We take so many things for granted because we expect things to be as they always are. I expect to wake up, to get where I’m going safely, to be healthy but the truth is everyday is a chance. It is an exercise of stepping into the unknown. In an instant all of these families lives were changed. I often think about the moment before the tragedy hit. I think of what the families were doing before they got the phone call. Were they laughing, having dinner, planning their week, reading a book, I mean what were their final moments of happiness before their lives were turned upside down? I think the same for the people on the plane or boat. What were their final moments before they new something was wrong? Were they thinking happy thoughts, were they giving thanks, what were their final moments of life before the turn of tragedy? I like to think they were fulfilled and happy and that peace was made in them.

This week I will be more aware of my thoughts and actions and how I live each second. In honor of all of  these tragedies not only will I continue to pray for them but also I will live fully and out loud! Time is precious, people are treasures and as easy as it is to get consumed in our own vacuums, these incidents give me new awareness that I have no choice but to make each moment count. I pray that each of you will do the same and live fully or as I like to say live unbranded!

In addition a special prayer to those who lost their lives on the bus ride to Humboldt State University.

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