Festival Coverage – MVAAFF 2009: the Best & the Brightest pt.2

KaiAddiction is the focal point of star & co-writer Keena Ferguson’s Kai. But it’s not the type of addiction you’d think. Get your heads out of the gutter, it’s not that type of addiction either, but her habit lands her in rehab where she has to fight hard to win back her glamorous life. Like N.C.B.S.’ plot, I won’t reveal the surprise in respect to the filmmakers. I will say that Ferguson, who in person is a huge bubble of joy in strong contrast to her character, played up her addiction on par with Halle Berry’s addict character in Jungle Fever – which is saying a whole lot.

The small but memorable supporting cast are also key with making this film a great hit, and the ending especially puts Ms. Ferguson and her director Fred Thomas Jr. on point as great collaborator. Thomas’ direction takes special precedence here, as the color palette and saturation choices he decided on make Kai stand out wonderfully. See more from her at: www.KeenaFerguson.com

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