Catch me in Atlanta on FX!

AtlI love acting! I love playing characters that are different from me and show another perspective. What I love even more is being a part of a show that stretches boundaries and brings a fresh new experience to the screen. Raw, real, clever and gritty…welcome to the world of FX’s new show Atlanta. I am over the moon about playing the role of Crystal on this show. Crystal is unlike anything I’ve played before. She is edgy with hoodlike qualities, a mother who’s parenting is questionable and a woman who is easily distracted by fame.

We shot this show on location in Atlanta and oh what fun we had. The entire cast and crew were awesome and I got to just play as an actor. Playing opposite Brian Henry was electric as we laughed and worked off of each other in an honest way. The director was cool enough to let us improv a little and we flowed. We shot right in the streets of the “hood” and let’s just say it was quite a unique experience. There were all kinds of character studies right there and I loved it. I am hoping you will all see more of Crystal so for now tune in and watch the premiere. Thank you for being on this journey with me. We are going places!
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