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I am so excited about our very first Tele Class!!!  

I really hope you will join us.

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Get it Done!  I want that to be your motto and that’s what I’m here to do…guiding you with the tools, resources and budget saving tips for you to take your scripts and GET IT DONE!  No matter what stage of production you are in we are here to help you get that project complete and your stories out to the world.  Live your dream and your passion and don’t put it on hold for challenges that CAN be overcome.  Don’t let your ideas stay in your head, go out and Get it Done.


A quick bit on me: (short and sweet) 

Lindon Passing Short Film

I am a multi-artist!  I have been very fortunate to make my living doing what I love for over ten years.  I’m an actress, dancer, choreographer, producer, VO artist and writer.  I love being a versatile artist and exploring all these different sides of myself that ultimately lead to making art.  I graduated from The Ohio State University with a BFA in dance and moved to La La Land less than a week later.  I have been seen on multiple television shows, films and plays, danced for major artists, directed plays, did my own successful one-woman show and have produced features, shorts and web series.  If you want to know more about who I am please click here for my complete actor bio.


How Get it Done can help:

With over ten years in the business as a consistently working artist and creator I have built a resource list that is extremely vast and accessible.  My knowledge and experience of producing feature films and multiple award winning shorts with distribution, directing and producing plays and web-series.  One of my biggest asset is showing creators how they can save money and not break the bank in order to get their project complete…and who doesn’t love saving money?


A few examples of my work:


Kai Poster (Official Selection) 3

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