I’ve always been a connector of people!  I love connecting like-minded people and helping others share their strengths with each other. Being a connector comes naturally to me; it’s one of the things people have always told me I’m great at.  I never thought about it as a skill, or something that others did or didn’t do, it was just part of me.  I always believed that my dream to be an actor, filmmaker and now a Multi-Artist was possible and so I always just got to work to Get It Done!  As I began mentoring other actors and content creators it became so clear to me that this gift that I have been blessed with was bigger than me and was meant to help other artists in this business.  Get It Done was born and I have seen that with guidance, a tangible plan, creative tips & tools that have helped me and many of my other clients and someone who can connect you to the right resources that can help you, you also can Get to Getting It Done!

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Keena is devoted and she has been there for me every time I needed her advice in my project and many times, she just called to check on me.That’s commitment. In an industry where people make it and never extend a hand to other people struggling to get started, Keena is a Godsend. She knows what she is talking about and she doesn’t just talk, she listens and she brings solutions to the table. I will consult with her on every project I do going forward. Keena, thank you for the inspiration and your fire.” – Andre Coleman
(Editor Pasadena Weekly & Author)

I’m so blessed to have Keena’s invaluable guidance as an acting mentor! Keena’s knowledge of Hollywood showbiz surpasses everything I learned in college regarding how to have and maintain a successful acting career. She’s taught me everything from showbiz jaron, to creating my own personal actor daily method of operations. Now, I am disciplined to self-submit to castings and agents everyday no matter how busy my schedule is, my website and social media reflects that I am a serious actor, and I have successfully booked jobs, including a crime show episode on Investigation Discovery with Keena’s counsel! Seeing Keena book show after show, not only proves that she knows what she’s talking about, but it also motivates me want to work harder as an actor. I am so happy to call Keena a role model and am excited about her bright future!” -Skye Shephard (Actor)

Keena is an amazing coach. She listens to your goals and aspirations and then breaks them down into an action plan. Oppose to most coaches she genuinely believes in the people she works with. Keena doesn’t focus on your “wrongs” but her focus is on bringing out more of your “rights.” I met with her two months ago in regards to my career and walked away with more clarity than I had had before. I have only been pursuing this industry for 10 months and just booked a co-star role on Showtime’s Shameless – I must give all credit to my sessions with Keena.” – Chad Chambers (Actor)


In the short amount of time that I have had the privilege to work under the guidance of Keena, I have been blessed to make huge strides in my acting career. Her straight forward yet compassionate approach to coaching has provided me with the confidence to walk into any room and own it. If you want to take your career to the next level, Keena is definitely the person to help you get there.

– Kazia Steele

Keena really has her finger on the pulse of this ever-changing industry. Her workshops are genuinely inspirational and full of rich information that will empower and motivate any creative attending her workshops.”
– Creative Actor’s Studio

Have a project idea and have no idea what to do or how to get started? Better call Keena.

Keena is a successful actress and producer and you would be very lucky to work with her.

I came to Keena because I have a problem of creating work and then not really doing anything with it. With my new short film,  SEE ME SEE YOU ( I didn’t want to do that.

I was stuck because I knew I didn’t want to promote my film the way every filmmaker does: film festivals. I saw other filmmakers with terrific films do the festival circuit and then kind of fade away.

As soon as our session started Keena was laser focused on me and my project and told me exactly what I needed to hear.

She asked me questions and laid out a very clear strategy on how I would use grassroots marketing to get the word out about my film.

What I love about Keena is that she not only has her producer’s hat on, she has the passionate artist hat on as well and she really cares about the work. She told me things about my film I hadn’t even realized and made me value my work much more.

I daresay that working with Keena was life changing and I would love to work with her in the near future.

Thank you, Keena!

 – Natalie Kim

Working with Keena through “Get It Done Coaching”, has been a series of growth and self-discovery for me. She has supported me through the process of breaking down my barriers as an artist. Keena has challenged me to acknowledge the beauty, talent, and fortitude that has always existed within myself. Within my second month of working with her, I booked 2 print jobs, and I was offered commercial representation by one of the top 20 commercial and print agencies in Los Angeles. Thank you Keena for your unconditional support Keena!

Peace and Blessings,

– Shari Gardner