The Slow Drive

The other night I was driving behind a car that was taking too long, and as usual I was in a rush and got a little agitated.  When I went around the car I noticed it was an older woman driving and for some reason that night I took notice.  I thought, “wow one day that will be me and some young woman will be thinking I’m moving too slow.”  That resonated with me because at one time that older woman was a young woman.  She was dating, living spontaneously, being in a rush, following her dreams, going out dancing and just being a young woman.  However, now she is an older woman that is probably thinking, “I was where you are too you know.”
I thought about her and I thought about myself and I thought about the life I am living.  Am I living out each and everyday to the absolute best of my ability?  Am I allowing moments to NOT pass me by?  Am I forgiving enough, loving enough and doing something wild and crazy just because I can?  I have always since I was a little girl believed in not living with regret and this was a good reminder to take life by the horns and just LIVE!  Live loud, live free, live hard…LIVE!  One day I will be older and there will be some limits to what I can do but I want to be able to look back and say I did all that I wanted too, that I took risks that I might not be able to take when I get older.  Because when I am older woman strolling along in my car on a Sunday evening will I care if others thought I lived too bold?  No, I won’t.  I will look at the young woman who is agitated because I am driving too slow and think, “one day this will be you, so do it all so you can enjoy these slow driving nights without a care in the world.”
In honor of this blog this is a pic of me and my great Aunt Lizzie who died last year. She drove up until she was 95!

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