My Fairytale

There is a section in my one woman show, Keena UnBranded, where I talk about my love of love and my belief in fairytales:

“I believe in love and I always have.  I believe in true love that lasts; so love has always found me and my heart has always been open.  I believe that even if it ends, the time you spent with that person is worth it.  Your heart, your soul needs to be loved and I’m an advocate for love.”

I first performed this show in 2013 and now three years later I am married to the man who gets me, the man who loves me beyond my faults, the man who makes me laugh and who fills my soul.  I know I am blessed with this love and I try every day to make sure I don’t take it for granted.  On May 2, 2015 we both said, “I Do” and with so many of our friends and family there we celebrated love and our fairytale came true.  This is quick trailer of our romance.  I hope that love always finds you and even in moments of doubt you hold on to the hope of love.

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